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Posted by SR on Mar 16 2017
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People decide to become a vegetarian for many reasons, including the environment, animal rights and health. You may relate to many of these reasons or have different reasons altogether.  Deciding to become vegetarian is an individual decision.Vegetarian diets can be healthy and may even lower the risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer.  However, eating a balanced diet when you are vegetarian requires some extra attention. Because vegetarians take out certain foods from their diets, they often need to work to add in foods that will provide the nutrients found in animal products. By eating a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, soy products and whole grains, vegetarians can get adequate nutrients from non–meat sources. Vegetarians, especially vegans, need to pay attention getting enough protein, iron, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and omega–3 fatty acids.

Carbohydrates provide energy and vitamins for your brain and muscles.  Grain products, especially whole grains, are very important because they provide the carbohydrate, fiber and many vitamins and minerals that your body needs.  Vegetarians should be sure to eat a variety of whole grains such as whole wheat bread, pasta and tortillas, brown rice, oats, bulgur and quinoa.Fat is needed by your body to stay healthy.  Fat provides essential fatty acids and helps your body absorb certain vitamins. Excellent sources of healthy fats include nuts or nut butters, oils, and avocados.Protein is needed for your muscles to grow.  Vegetarians have to be careful not to just cut meat out of their diet, but to replace the meat with protein-containing vegetarian foods. Nuts, nut butters, soy foods, legumes, meat substitutes, dairy foods and eggs all provide protein.

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