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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on Jan 13 2017 at 2:15 AM
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The vast majority of Jamaicans, rich and poor, are always in a relentless struggle to improve their quality of life, while expecting their government to manage the affairs of the country with their aspirations in mind all the times, however, finding that right balance and managing its resources in an equitable manner have proved problematic for successive governments, as for a multitude of reasons, you just cannot please everyone all the time, that is the reality.

Our problems began to multiply in the nineties, when small island developing states were bullied by the USA and it multi-national dependents, otherwise called organisations, to sign on to this globalisation fiasco and despite repeated warnings by this newspaper, it will be left up to Donald Trump, immediately after January 20th, to dismantle this horrible hoax and become an instant global hero.What does the average person in Jamaican expects his government to do?  

First of all, it must find a way to make burglar bars redundant, provide swift and fair justice, ensure that the education system is equitable and our health systems work, maintain our infrastructure, while preventing our assets and our economy from being raped by all and sundry, just get these right and the average person will be more than willing to pay their share of the required resources needed to run the country properly.  This is not rocket science for God’s sake!