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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on Mar 23 2017 at 12:54 AM
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Successive governments, mindful of the needs of the most vulnerable in the society have always supported the sourcing of inexpensive nutrition, but unfortunately the country’s food testing capabilities have not been as robust as we would want it to be, especially when every Tom, Dick and Harry can import any junk into the country as provided under this globalisation agenda.

Readers will recall that some years ago, were it not for an inquisitive worker at the ports, who stripped off a label that revealed that a container of meat was over twenty year old, it would have been consumed right here in Jamaica, which according to the source was destined for poor Haiti and was not fit for Jamaican consumers.

Again, we have to admit that your were warned many years ago by this column about our love affair with “Bully Beef”, now we are told that this Brazilian company has been using rotten chicken and beef in its formula and so the government has temporarily banned the product from entering our market and we suggest that this should remain in place until we have the protocols in place to test all imported food.  Readers, for your own safety, as much of possible stay away from processed food regardless of its source.