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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on Jan 27 2017 at 2:49 AM
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The fact that the newly elected President of the United Stated has taken office with the lowest popularity rating ever and the world has erupted in protest, must not serve to obfuscate the real issue and as far as this newspaper is concerned. We abhor the past behaviour and stated policies of President Trump, but we believe at the very least when he’s successful in dismantling this cruel globalization project, he will ultimately become a hero.

At the heart of Trump’s policies is his initiative to repatriate millions of jobs for his people as you cannot boast of being the most powerful nation on earth and your people cannot provide for their families, so that is a key shot.  Look at China, they have put all their people to work and ensured that their jobs are secured, a right to a job and look how mighty China has become without toeing this democracy label, every Chinese is allowed to be a productive citizen.

Everywhere you go to shop in USA today, 95% of the merchandise is made in another country, so the average American worker is simply required to consume, but where will he get the money from, cannot work, all because of globalization.  Smash it to bits Mr. President for the good of humanity!