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Posted by SR on Mar 16 2017
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Your child runs with the gang, romps around the house and steals treats off the table and he’ll love having an accomplice in the fun.
 Dogs:  The animal-human relationship is particularly intense with canines. Think “man’s best friend.”
 In general, dogs require the most care of any domestic animal and beware of bites. Never leave a pet and baby or young child together unattended.

Goldfish:  Ideal for: Kids who are brand-new to pet ownership. A popular “starter pet,” the hardy goldfish can live up to several years in cold water with no heater or filter.  One of the most common ways to send your goldfish to a premature toilet-flushing is by feeding him too much or the wrong food.Cat:  Nothing’s more comforting than a warm, fluffy body and a soft, calming purr. Meow.
 Ideal for kids who are nurturing, but who won’t mind being ignored by a pet that’s often aloof. Though cats are beloved by both genders, they tend to be especially popular with girls.

If you have cats in your house when you bring your baby home, your child may have a reduced risk of allergies.  But if you get a cat when your child is older, he may be allergic; as many as 30 percent of people who have allergies are. Cats can also scratch during play.

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