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Posted by SR (riley) on Mar 19 2017 at 10:40 PM
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Director General, Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Dr. Wayne Henry, is encouraging students, in consultation with guidance counsellors and their parents, to assess the labour market before they venture on particular career paths.
 Dr. Henry said that this knowledge will assist them to choose careers that will still be relevant after they have finished their training and are ready for the world of work.  “At the PIOJ, we tend to track and forecast jobs of the future - what jobs are going to be relevant.  Persons must be aware of what is there and what is relevant,” he emphasised.

Dr. Henry noted that the work of the Labour Market Reform Commission includes the establishment of a labour market information system, among other things.The 18-member Commission, which was set up in April 2015, has been mandated to oversee the review of existing policies and practices, with respect to five thematic areas of the labour market and to make recommendations for their revision to modernise the labour market and enhance the economy’s competiveness.
 The thematic areas include education and training; productivity, technology and innovation; labour policies and legislation; social protection; and industrial relations.Dr. Henry further said that careers should evolve over time, adding that persons should seek to acquire additional skill sets.