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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on Jul 19 2017 at 3:00 PM
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The Jamaica Government Pensioners Association (JGPA) will be establishing a skills bank, which will enable retirees to continue to utilise their talents to earn an income.

Newly elected President of the JGPA, Mr. Jonathan Brown, said that retired persons will be able to use the facility as another avenue to offer service to the country.  “We’re setting up a skills registry, where we are trying to get all the data on all our pensioners, which can identify their skills, their hobbies and so on, to show that there is still service that we pensioners can provide to the public,” he said.

Turning to other plans, Mr. Brown noted that the association will be partnering with local product and service providers to offer discounts for pensioners. He said that special identification cards will be provided for members, which will enable them to access these reduced rates.  “We believe that having contributed so much over the period to the government and the people of the country, that at this stage where we have reached the winter of our years, we believe that our members deserve to be given some consideration,” he said.

“Our focus is to improve on the services that our members get, whether from government or private sector.  We encourage the private sector to come on board also,” Mr. Brown urged.

JGPA, which has been in operation since 1964, is also looking to host a symposium in September, to highlight the activities of the association and to increase public awareness of its work.

The symposium, under the theme: ‘Retirement – Endless Possibilities,’ will not only focus on retirees but will also educate pre-retirees.

The JGPA is a non-profit organisation established under the Friendly Societies Act with the objective of making appropriate representation to Government on pension and health benefits, as well as encouraging and promoting fellowship among its members.