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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on May 17 2017 at 5:43 PM
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The Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) will be implementing various initiatives over the next two years to significantly improve customer experience and reduce the waiting time to access and obtain services at the entity. Chief Executive Officer at PICA, Andrew Wynter, said that already, the agency has improved operations by extending its working hours at the Kingston office.  “About three weeks ago, we began offering full services from 6:30 a.m.  Normally, we would open at 6:30 then persons would come in and wait for two hours before we begin operation, but now we have an early shift so the public can be served and processed from that time,” he noted, adding that very soon, the entity will be implementing an online service that will allow persons to apply for their passport online.

In terms of improving its overall operations, the CEO informed that the agency is currently reviewing its customer service processes, including its numbering system, in order to ensure proper workflow management. Plans are also afoot for the introduction of a drop box system for adult renewal applications. “This system is most suited for this group, as children would still have to be brought in by parents or guardians and new applicants would have to come in, also, as this is a requirement under the law for first-time applicants,” Mr. Wynter explained.The CEO said that there are plans to upgrade the PICA facilities across the island to enhance the customer experience. Consideration is also being given to persons with disabilities, to see how the facilities can be enhanced to better accommodate this group.

“We are waiting on the approvals to start the planning and design for a new facility, with considerations given to ample parking for our customers, as this is a major challenge at all our locations,” Mr. Wynter informed. “We are also looking at leveraging technology and examining a number of our systems to look at what needs to be done to upgrade them, so that we improve efficiency.  We are streamlining what we do in order to enhance customer experience and reduce the waiting time,” the CEO pointed out. Other initiatives include ongoing training of immigration officers in customer service; mounting of information kiosks at the locations to guide customers on the necessary procedures; and dissemination of information via media outlets and social media platforms.

“We also use these avenues to get feedback from persons who have utilised our services and to get suggestions and recommendations on ways of further improving operations,” Mr. Wynter said.