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Posted by SR (riley) on Apr 20 2017 at 2:11 AM
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Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr. the Hon. Andrew Wheatley, says steps are being taken to create a new regulatory body called the Government Electrical Regulator (GER). The GER is expected to transform the Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI), which was responsible for the safety inspection of electrical installations as well as the inspection and certification of petroleum facilities.It is expected that the GER will be responsible for the regulation of the electrical inspection processes, the licensing of electricians and electrical inspectors and the monitoring of work done by the electrical inspectors and will also be responsible for the recommendation for renewal and revocation of licences of both electricians and electrical inspectors.

Dr. Wheatley noted that the transformation is necessary, as the GEI had inefficiencies.  “The GEI on average processed 35,000 applications per year.  This core process remains highly manual, time-consuming and prone to errors and delays,” said Dr. Wheatley.The Minister pointed out that with the new regulatory body, the application process will be more efficient by ensuring that the entire application, inspection and licensing processes for electrical installations are revamped. The GER will be guided by the Electricity Act as well as the related regulations that are currently being finalised.This will provide for the outsourcing of inspections and certification of premises to be electrified to suitably qualified persons from the private sector.
 “This is another example of how the Government and the private sector will partner to ensure business competitiveness and national development,” said Dr. Wheatley.