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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on Apr 26 2017 at 10:17 PM
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It is safe to say that the majority of Manchesterians shun the town centre of the capital of the parish due to constant congestion from every angle, which results in pedesterians competing with taxis, which are parked everywhere, while delivery trucks park anywhere, anytime, as hustlers constantly ply their wares on the sidewalks, leaving our school children and the elderly to hopscotch to their destination in a dangerous manner, total madness.

The town of Mandeville is bursting at its seams, begging for room for expansion, while the Mandeville Primary and Junior High School and the Manchester High School occupy billions of dollars of commercial space, while subjecting their students to a less than ideal learning environment.  Is this what the next generation will inherit?

Are we saying that we cannot leverage the value of the fifteen plus acres of real estate on which both schools are located to create a win-win situation to facilitate a proper transport centre for the town and room for expansion, while at the same time creating an education village to house both institutions on nearby lands on the outskirts of the town?  Let us begin the discussions.