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Posted by SR on May 18 2017
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Floods are probably one of the worst occurrences to happen to those involved in any level of agriculture. They are almost impossible to predict and they destroy many acreages of crops, farms, and houses in a short amount of time.  If the field is flooded even after seeding and the plants have started to come up, farm equipment can’t get in to take care of the fungus and other diseases that are associated with flooding.  Too much water for too long also either kills the plants or stunts their growth limiting harvest later in the fall.  

Animals need to take shelter in areas of higher ground to ensure their safety and health, because if they do not and stay in the flood-prone areas, they will drown or be swept away by the flood waters.   Diseases can also be transmitted to livestock, from several vectors including drinking the flood waters, the bacteria left after the flood waters have subsided and even if they’ve been subjected to being almost swept away by the floods. 

For farmers that rely on crops and animals for their own survival, it could be disasterous for them, since they wouldn’t have any food to feed themselves and their family during the dry-season, nor would they have any source of income if their livestock and crops have been swept away and drowned.  They would then have to scrape up the money to get food from somewhere else, or hope that their neighbors may be generous to share some of what they have left with them.It is important to do proper planning and select lands that are not flood prone and always protect your animals during heavy rains.

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