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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on Jul 12 2017 at 3:00 PM
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CAC Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Dolsie Allen, speaking during the agency’s quarterly media briefing.

The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is currently developing mobile apps, which, along with the staging of quarterly media briefings, will help to heighten public awareness about the agency’s work and services.

These will also inform consumers on developments in the commercial trade as well as how best they can safeguard their interests when making purchases.

Details were outlined by Chairman,  Mr. Kent Gammon and Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Dolsie Allen, during the CAC’s press briefing on July 5.

Mr. Gammon said the CAC is in the process of finalising an app that will provide consumers with alerts on various developments, adding that further details are expected shortly.

For her part, Mrs. Allen said the briefings are being held “to engage the media in a very special way to advise and update the public on some of the work that we have been doing”.

Mrs. Allen noted that the CAC utilises a three-pronged approach in fulfilling its mandate of safeguarding consumers’ interest: consumer education; complaints resolution, specifically between the providers of goods and services and clients; and market surveillance/research.

Mrs. Allen emphasised that the CAC is doing a great deal of work to heighten its effectiveness as a consumer-protection agency, in its quest to remain “relevant and impactful”.

Mr. Gammon also underscored the importance of the press briefings in disseminating information, adding that this would be complemented by the agency’s website, which would also highlight details of the CAC’s activities and encouraged persons to visit at: and make their queries on matters of concern, or for which they need clarification or additional information.