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Posted by Editor (Wendy) on Jul 26 2017 at 3:00 PM
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Cabinet has given approval for the  motor vehicle policy to be amended to reflect increases in the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) and the 20 per cent concession upper limits for assigned vehicles.

Education, Youth and Information Minister, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, said the amendments would see the figure for the Prime Minister moving to US$60,000; Cabinet Ministers, the Attorney General and Senate President to US$55,000; and Municipal Councillors and other public officials to US$45,000.

Additionally, Minister Reid  said that there is also an increase in the figure for former Prime Ministers, which moves to US$60,000; the Speaker of the House of Representatives and Leader of the Opposition to US$55,000; and Members of Parliament to US$50,000.

Senator Reid advised that Cabinet approved the award of a contract, valued US$4.8 million  to Lasco Distributors Limited for a reagent lease agreement to provide laboratory services at health facilities in the Southern Regional Health Authority, which encompasses the parishes of Clarendon, Manchester and St. Elizabeth.

Additionally, he said that the firm, Complete Heat-Transfer Solutions, has been awarded a contract for US$1.9 million  to supply a new Powerformer Furnace at the state oil refinery, Petrojam Limited.

Senator Reid also told journalists that a contract for US$1.56 million has been approved for research firm, Ernst and Young Services Limited, to develop and implement shared corporate services in the public sector.