About Us



The Mandeville Weekly Newspaper rolled off the press on June 16th 1993 and over the years has expanded its coverage to include the parishes of St. Elizabeth, Manchester, Clarendon and Westmoreland in South, Central and Western Jamaica. 

The Mandeville Weekly Newspaper offers free advertising to all service clubs, churches, schools and other non-profit organisations seeking publicity for their fundraising events and public notices. In addition our “Jobs Wanted” column is free of charge to unemployed residents.

In 1996, the Mandeville Weekly Community Development, a non-profit arm of the newspaper was registered in response to the overwhelming requests for help from mainly farming communities. The Community Development Division is currently implementing a number of technological projects such as Agricultural Information Centres with the help of the International Institute for Communication and Development, Netherlands, a Flavour Extraction Project, an indigent housing assistance programme, etc.

 At Mandeville Weekly we take our motto seriously, “Our community is our responsibility.”